Admission of Children of Overseas Sri Lankans to Universities in Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka is Considering possibilities of giving priority for the University admission of the children of overseas Sri Lankans who wish to return to Sri Lanka in the next two years.

In view of the above, the Sri Lankan nationals and Sri Lankan dual citizenship holders in Australia who wish to return to Sri Lanka in the next two years with their children who wish to enter into the Sri Lankan Universities are kindly requested to convey us the details as mentioned in the Notice given below.

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Admission of Children of Overseas Sri Lankans to Government Schools

The Government of Sri Lanka is considering to commence English medium classes in the Government Schools for children of Overseas Sri Lankans returning to Sri Lanka.

In view of the above, the Sri Lankan nationals and dual citizenship holders in Australia who wish to return to Sri Lanka with school going children in the next two years are kindly requested to convey us their intention with the number of children and their date of birth.

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Revision of Sri Lankan Electoral Registers 2019 – Registration of voters in areas where resettlement has been partially done/ not being done


The Election Commission of Sri Lanka is in the process of collecting information on Sri Lankans who are from partially resettled/ non-resettled areas in Jaffna, Kilinochchi, and Mannar Districts, in order to register them in the 2019 electoral register. The list of Grama Niladari Divisions is as follows:

Name of District Name of Divisional Secretariat  

Name of Grama Niladhari Division





J/226 Naguleswaram, J/233 Kankesanthurai West, J/234 Kankesanthurai Central, J/235 Kankesanthurai South, J/238 Kattuwan, J/240 Thenmalai, J/241 Varuththalaiwilan, J/242 Kurumbacity, J/243 Kurumbacity East, J/244 Vasavilan East. J/245 Vasavilan west, J/246 Mailitti North, J/248 Mailatuthurai South, J/249 Thaiyiddy North, J/250 Thaiyiddy West, J/251 Mailiddy Thurai North, J/252 Palaly South, J/253 Palaly East, J/254 Palaly North, J/255 Palaly Northwest, J/256 Palaly West


Kilinochchi Kandawalai KN46 Alimankada
Pachchilaipallai KN 92 Ittavil KN 93 Muhamalai KN 94 Wempodukerni



MN 153 Mullikulam

If you are eligible to register under the aforementioned Grama Niladari Divisions, please submit the duly filled NC/F form (DOWNLOAD HERE) on or before 05th September 2019 to this office, to be forwarded to the Election Commission of Sri Lanka.

Implementing Free Visa Scheme for Designated Countries

Those who hold passports of listed countries and travel to Sri Lanka from 01.08.2019 to 31.01.2020 for tourists purposes are exempted paying ETA fee, in view of enhancing tourist arrivals from designated countries. However, relevant country fee will be charged when applying visa for more than 30 days.

Any foreign national who will be visiting Sri Lanka for a short period is required to apply ETA and ensure pre approval before the journey to avoid unnecessary delays at the port of entry and adhere with enhanced pre clearance.

The list of countries are as follows;

Thailand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Ukraine, Philippines, Russia, Iceland

28 Countries under European Union : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

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The Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts have initiated a campaign to overcome challenges faced by the tourism industry, with the objective of promoting fellow Sri Lankans as well as their friends and family living overseas to visit Sri Lanka over the next few months.  The key objective is to spread the message “Sri Lanka is Safe to Visit”.

The ‘Bring a Friend Home by Cinnamon’ concept invites Sri Lankans living abroad and the expats living in Sri Lanka with resident visa, to invite and bring their family and foreign friends to Sri Lanka and be entitled for 6 special holiday packages with exclusive rates at Cinnamon properties from 30th July 10th December 2019. There will also be raffle draws with attractive prizes for both parties.

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Who is eligible?

You – Sponsor (Sri Lankan) Friend (Invitee)
·      Sri Lankan origin foreign nationals living in Sri Lanka or overseas or expatriates living in Sri Lanka with resident visa


·      Travel agents are not entitled for this promo


·      Any foreign passport holder or Sri Lankan expatriate

Benefits for the Sponsor

  1. If the Sponsor is travelling with invitees, the 4th package (Please see the benefits for invitee) is complimentary on the same package (double basis, entrance fee is not included)
  1. Raffle Draw with amazing prices
1st Prize –

1 year stay at Cinnamon Life apartment


O7 day stay in 02 Sri Lankan properties for 03 consecutive years with 2 air tickets per year- up to 02 individuals


LKR 500,000 worth voucher from Colombo Jewellery Stores

2nd Prize –

07 day stay in 02 Sri Lankan properties for 02 consecutive years – up to 02 individuals

(01 of the properties can be Maldives)

3rd Prize –

05 day holiday in the Maldives at Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon – up to 2 individuals

Benefits for invitee

  1. Discounted travel packages to travel to Sri Lanka
Packages PP Sharing Double Triple room single supplement Single room
1.    Discover City 04-night stay in Colombo at Cinnamon Lakeside USD 225 USD 180 USD 440
2.    Discover City weekend package – 2-night stay at Cinnamon Lakeside USD 135 USD 90 USD 261
3.    7 Nights Beach Hikka Tranz USD 364 USD 280 USD 716
4.    7 Nights Beach Trinco Blu USD 408 USD 280 USD 805
5.    Discover Sri Lanka 09 Nights Stay USD 592 USD 373 USD1148
6.    Discover Sri Lanka – Adventure 10 Nights Stay USD 625 USD 370 USD1218

2.Raffle draw to win 3 prizes

1st Prize –

O5-day holiday in the Maldives at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon – up to 2 individuals

On BB Double sharing basis

LKR 1 million worth of Sapphire stone ring by Colombo Jewellery Stores


2nd Prize –

05 Day Holiday in Moldives Properties – up to 2 individuals on BB Double sharing basis with airport transfers


3rd Prize –

05 Once in a Lifetime experiences with Cinnamon – up to 2 individuals on BB Double sharing basis


Global tourism boss calls on world community to visit Sri Lanka as unwavering support

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili has called on the global community to offer its unwavering support to Sri Lanka through Tourism at this critical moment noting that hotels, beaches and other sites of interests are open as usual.

In a video message published at Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Official Facebook page, the UNWTO boss states the following:

“I have had the privilege of seeing Sri Lanka emerge as one of the world´s great tourism success stories, the country offers a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world, regardless of nationality or creed.

In return, tourism has provided many Sri Lankans with secure jobs, helping whole communities grow and develop. Tourism has also been a major factor in the past decade of national reconciliation, and contributed to bringing the people of Sri Lanka closer together.

image_4688678812“Sri Lanka´s tourism sector is a beacon of hope and unity. That´s why those who seek to divide us, target hotels and other places where people come together. I offer my sincere condolences to those affected by the recent attacks, especially the families of the many victims.

“I also call on the global community to offer its unwavering support to Sri Lanka at this critical moment. The country´s hotels, beaches and sites of interest are open as usual and ready to welcome you and by continuing to offer our support through tourism, we can help Sri Lanka recover and continue on its path towards peace and prosperity.”

UNWTO has also extended its immediate support for the recovery of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, and a series of discussions have taken place between UNWTO Asia and the Pacific top officials and the Sri Lanka Tourism Communications Team at the UNWTO Headquarters in Madrid, Spain, following the Easter Sunday Attacks, a communiqué of SLTDA stated.
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