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University of Sri Jayawardenepura (USJP) – Study Tour to Monash University – Melbourne

The inauguration of the second segment of the international students exchange programme between Business School of Monash University in Melbourne and University of Sri Jayewardenepura of Sri Lanka (USJP) was held at the Monash Club at Monash University on Monday, 14 January 2019. Twenty six students and two academics of from the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of the USJP commenced their study programme titled “Engaging with International Business: Sustainable Tourism for Business Development” which will be finished on 25 January 2019. This programme will focus on Australian Business Environment, Sustainable Development Goals and Business, Tourism as a Sustainable Business, The role of Diaspora in Business Promotion, Professional Development Workshops, Interactions with Business Leaders, Visits to Sustainable Tourism Development projects in regional Victoria and students’ presentations at the end of the programme.

The first segment of this international students exchange programme was completed in February 2018 when 26 students and five academics of Monash Business School took part in a study tour at the USJP for two weeks.

The inauguration ceremony began with the introductory remarks by Professor Michaela Rankin Deputy Dean/International and Professor of Accounting of Monash Business School. Prof. Rankin emphasised the importance of the mutually beneficial collaboration between Monash Business School and the USJP and also number of training programmes conducted at the Monash Business School for Sri Lankan Public Servants under the auspices of the AUSAID.

Professor Robert Brooks, Acting Dean and Professor of Econometrics & Business Statistics of Monash Business School welcomed the academics and students of the USJP to the programme. Professor Brooks elaborated the history of the collaboration between the two Universities and requested the students to utilise the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and also maximise the utilisation of facilities available to them at Monash Business School.

While delivering his speech Dr. Wasantha Perera, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Management Studies and Finance of the USJP expressed the gratitude of the USJP to Monash Business School for hosting the programme. Dr. Perera, himself a beneficiary of Australian university Education system remarked that this would be an invaluable opportunity for the Sri Lankan students to undergo a study programme at a world-class University.

Representing the Government of Sri Lanka at the inauguration, Mr. Prasanna Gamage, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Melbourne thank both Universities for their continuing efforts to promote students and academic exchanges over the years. Mr. Gamage requested the students to learn how truly multicultural City of Melbourne has been able to equally accommodate people from over 200 ethnicities and 175 faith groups in its society. The Consul General while revisiting the initial discussions held in 2016 on the formulation of a programme for academic and student exchange between the two Universities appreciated the untiring efforts of the two institutions for achieving the objective within a short period of time.

Associate Professor Ramanie Samaratunge, a Senior Lecturer and Dr. Lakmal Abeysekera, Lecturer at Monash Business, Dr. (Ms.) Pushpakuamari of USJP were also attended the inauguration together with academics and other seniors officials of Monash Business School. Prof. Samaratunge, a distinguished alumnus of the USJP has been a vital link between this programme.

The second cohort of five academics and twenty six students from Monash Business School will undertake their training programme at the USJP from 11 February 2019 for two weeks.

The Consulate General of Sri Lanka Melbourne
Monash Business School Monash University, Melbourne

18 January 2019

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